Evento Hamburger con degustazione di nuovi prodotti

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3 day ago

Thank you for such an informative article! It is sad to realize that such an approach can lead to loss of Clover Letter clients. As many of your readers know, large newsletters can get “clipped” by email programs, which hurts the open rate because the image is located at the very bottom of the email. This may be the right time to develop a new way of using e-mails as the marketing tool.


3 days ago

I think this can be solved by developing a smarter newsletter layout. In my opinion, creators of Clover Letter should integrate more text than pictures so that readers could easily see and open their e-mails without downloading content.


1 day ago

I can’t really see a good solution here except converting images to text with proper formatting. However, I truly hope Clover Letter founders will eventually come to a properly working solution as it is one of the most popular teen newsletter communities. I hope to hear more from your authors about the recent news of online marketing and advertising industry.